Monday, April 13, 2009

Our First Real Blog!

How to avoid writing a book.

It's amazing what a rain-imposed, indoor Easter weekend can turn up. A few days of sleeping, reading, cooking, tending to bored boys, and a bit of pondering in-between has led to us launching a new enterprise AND starting a blog.

The enterprise is a new bike shop with a twist, and the blog is mostly about our daily adventures. We're just an ordinary, blended family seeking to live an authentic life, living in the moment, while respecting our future custodians of the planet - four of which are our children. We're not doing without, we're living within. Within our means and within the means of our environment.

The word sustainability is a strange one. Does it mean sustaining the status quo? Sustaining the current 'business-as-usual' way of life? Most people think that a few technical solutions will 'right the ship' - but I have a feeling that Buckminster Fuller was right. We need a new operating manual for spaceship Earth, because the current one is leading us into a rather large abyss!

Inspired by our community, our children, our mentors, our role models (you'll meet all of them here), we hope you enjoy taking this journey with us, and sharing our tales of transition to a post-carbon world.

The soundtrack to this blog is John Butler Trio's Grand National with a bit of Nick Drake's Bryter Later thrown in, and of course some Miles Davis fabulous blues.

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