Monday, June 22, 2009

Shuman Workshop Sparks Rush To Local Investment

Since the last post, an amazing thing has happened. In the course of one afternoon the following emails have landed from West End Community Association's President, Darren Godwell.

Thanks to everyone that gave up some hours on their Sunday & gave freely of their creativity & ideas. Boy, the results were FAST….
I’m immensely pleased to announce that this afternoon one of the participants from yesterday’s workshop & local businessperson Nick Holmes took the initiative and pledged $5,000 to kick-start a Kurilpa Investment Fund (working title) to support and seed local businesses & enterprises. Building resilient local economies means supporting what’s here now and seeding for the future.
Please consider the idea and a pledge. We’ll welcome all contributions (monetary, volunteers for admin & ideas for progress)….over to you, neighbours, local businesses & friends……

and later in the day....
Its been an incredible afternoon. Pledges have flowed at an incredible rate. People know that the best way to build local economies is to support local businesses & the seed the next generation of great ideas. Thanks to Mary & Phil for making a $5,000 pledge. Your contribution is warmly received & I want to acknowledge your massive contribution over many years....

Pledges are now at $36,000!!!!!

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