Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A new era for Brisbane City

Finally, some good news for Brisbanites. The Council has allowed a private company to set up the Parisian-inpsired Velolib cycle program in the inner-city. Fifty bike stations will be set up in the CBD, West End through to Newstead at the end of the year.

Nearly 200 carparking spaces will be ripped up to encourage day trippers and inner-city employees onto bicycles - Yay!

Now all the Council needs to do is provide decent bike lanes to make the trip safer.... hmmm, something they forgot to do in the planning. Perhaps they were too busy building tunnels and bridges ;-) There's a bit of an uproar on the part of residents and opposition Councillors saying that the loss of carparking spaces will be an issue.
It amuses me endlessly that, had the BCC not been so short-sighted when I started GWhiz Carshare service, there would, by now be a network of carshare spaces dotted all around the inner-city which would complement the bike-hire scheme proposed. Since Brisbane lost its carsharing service late last year, membership in the USA and Europe grew 117%.

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