Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Fingers Are Yellow With Aphid Juice

I spent my morning smooshing as many aphids as possible on my chilli bush. Those succulent new sprouts of growth must taste damn good, because the poor thing has no chance! I stole a poem in my disturbed state from a fellow frustrated blogger, but tweaked it to suit my chilli tree:

My fingers are yellow with aphid juice
I won't be calling any truce,
won't be waiting any longer
to quench my aching hunger.

Aphid guts. Aphid guts.
For an hour in the Autumn wind
I pressed aphids for their sin!

For an hour dodging 7th floor rain
I chase in maniacal vain,
squirting the slaughtered aftermath
in a rush of white oil bath.

In the evening I'll raise my hands
against the window, cover the setting sun
with the fading yellow almost undone--
on my skin, in my eyes... aphids, aphids, aphids

Oh and don't get me started on my poor little lime tree and the leaf miner turning its leaves inside out...


  1. Ah, the joys of organic gardening, you're lucky to be able to get to your plants, goodness knows what's happening to ours while we're stuck inside because of the rain. I read a quote the other day - Organic Gardening is using information, not chemicals... Sonya

  2. Great quote Sonya - and so true. This rain is a blessing, but yes, it stalls the work planned for the coming weeks. I can't wait to plant some new seeds/lings this weekend. The joys of a balcony garden is that there is no mud to tread in - barefoot farming!

  3. lol, I hope you get them all! Nothing worse then bugs getting at your home-grown produce! My tomatos never make it. :-(

  4. Thanks T'lia - I'm a novice, so it's expected that I suffer a few failures ;-) Despite my whingeing, I'm enjoying the interaction with nature and all its challenges. Helps me feel closer to those farmers who work so hard to produce our food...