Monday, May 31, 2010

Time to get ready!

It's official! For those of you who follow my other blog, I recently announced my endorsement as a Candidate for the Greens in the electorate of Griffith. Thanks to all the members of the South Brisbane branch who have put their faith in me for this year's election.

This will be a very exciting time where the aim of the game will be to get Queensland some representation from someone other than the two major parties. Since my fellow Candidate for Brisbane, Andrew Bartlett left the Senate in 2007, we haven't had an alternative voice, and there are many citizens in Queensland who have lamented the lack of representation here in recent times. So I want to help those voices be heard once again by trying to get as many votes for the Greens in Griffith in the lower house, but more importantly in the upper house, which is why I'll be telling everyone to vote for our lead Senate Candidate, Larissa Waters.

The slogan we're running with is: "Because who you vote for matters."

My first taste of campaigning came along recently when I attended the May Day march to promote the Greens' excellent industrial relations policy, and to drive home the message that our future jobs will be green.

The following weekend was lots of fun when Bob Brown came to Brisbane for a fundraiser at The Edge. It was a great event, followed by a fabulous brunch in New Farm Park the following morning. Bob and Larissa loved the lemonade fruit we supplied from Food Connect!

I'm getting busy now planning our own fundraising event and I want to invite as many local musicians and performers as possible. Should be lots of fun. Next up, I'll be speaking at the Annerley Sustainability Day on June 19, organised by the Transition Annerley folks. While the election hasn't been called yet, I'm really keen to get out there and start listening to people in the electorate. I really can't wait to work with all the great people at the South Brisbane branch and of course, my great mate, Wilf Wilford has offered to be my campaign manager, so I've got some wonderful help. A couple of weeks ago, Wilf teed me up to join the team on the 360 Show at the community TV station Bris31. It was lots of fun, and while I haven't formally received any media training, it was a great chance to be exposed to a much bigger audience.

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